Milk Road

Why Asia Builds Roads for

Milk Like Europe for Silk?

“Milk Road” describes the modern network of routes used to link commerce and culture that run north and south.

These routes transfer what people need in strategic industries, especially from Australia, that include Food, Agriculture, Resources, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and Technology.

The Milk Road plays a role like the Silk Road in the course of human history.

Why Milk Is Like Silk

Milk and Silk are powerful metaphors.

Life begins with “Mothers Milk.”

“Milk of Human Kindness” is Shakespearean verse.

Milk as powder now, like Silk in ancient history, is a valuable consumer product in high demand.

Silk and Milk, as the best metaphors of their time and place, represent vast multitudes of products and services exchanged on these two different global routes of commerce and culture.

Demand in China for a bigger and better Milk Road is why, in 2015, the investment group, Moon Lake purchased VDL – Van Diemen Land in Tasmania, the largest dairy farm in Tasmania, Australia.

Consumer demand for better China Food Safety is also why.

China Food Safety

The People’s Republic of China established a Government program that translates as “China Food Safety.”

The 2008 China Milk Scandal drove mothers to purchase milk powder directly from “Daigo” shoppers in Australia.

Mothers in China paid to build themselves a better lane on the new Milk Road from Australia.

Their success has created at least one new problem – a shortage of supply for mothers in Australia who compete for the same limited supply of valuable milk powder.

This is one of many reasons why:

China Needs to Build Its Own World-Class Food System

“China is missing a world-class food system” is a big part of the answer to the question “Why Asia Builds a Road for Milk Like Europe did for Silk?”

“How Much Will It Cost for China to Build Its Own World Class Food System?” is a natural next question along with “When Will China Have a World-Class Food System?”

The longer China waits to achieve this goal then the more risk grows in the world-class food system of Australia.

Australia May Assist More

Australia is in a unique position to assist more.

What will that take?

More people need to share this vision and goal.

Community discussion is a key part of that path, especially in the culture of Australia.

Why Is This Useful to You?

Clarifying your own vision and personal pathway to market in the future of Australia’s most valuable route of trade is important and easier with a valuable name like the Silk Road.
For example, try thinking about and asking this simple question as an easy way to start a more valuable conversation:

• Why is the Milk Road more important to you than the Silk Road?

What Is An Easy Next Step?

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