The New Milk Road

‘Always Changing Our Lives’

Why is the Milk Road

Like the Silk Road?

Because of Everything It

Represents & Brings.

1 ) Historic Change

Milk Roads grow like Silk Roads.


Mothers in Asia want the best in life for their children, especially from nearby Australia, starting with safe powdered milk.

This is why this Milk Road is like the Silk Road. . . .

. . . . a road changing the course of human history.

2 ) Powerful Trade & Investment

People in Asia need to build their own World-Class Food Systems.

USD 2 trillion and 20 years is one estimate of what that may take, just for China alone.

This is why the Milk Road is a “stronger for longer” theme driving Trade & Investment, especially between Australia and Asia.

3 ) Cooperation

Cooperation between people able to satisfy needs in different countries, cultures and civilisations is why the Milk Road grows like the Silk Road.

4 ) Strategic Relationships

Like all powerful investment themes that change the course of human history, the Milk Road represents ‘Strategic Relationships.’

Who Coined the Term?

Adam Gregory Goern coined the term “Milk Road.”

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