The New Milk Road

it’s been here a long time

important to us all.

Now we know its name.


Like the Silk Road . . . . developed over thousands of years…..long before a German geographer and historian finally coined that name – The Silk Road … 1877.


Why Is The New Milk Road

Important to You?


Whether or Not

You Want More,

It Brings:

1 ) Change

People depend on milk from Australia like silk from China.

This is why the New Milk Road is like the old Silk Road. . . .

. . . . a road changing the course of human history.

2 ) Investment & Trade

People need World-Class Food Systems in many countries in Asia, including China.

USD 2 trillion and 20 years is one estimate of what that may take, just for China alone.

This is one of many reasons why the New Milk Road is a Trend for Trade & Investment Theme.

3 ) Cooperation

This name makes it easier to cooperate by discussing questions like these:

– What is a good strategy for my business to grow with others in the New Milk Road economy?

4 ) Strategic Relationships

Like all powerful investment themes changing the course of human history, the New Milk Road connects ‘Strategic Relationships.’

Who Coined the Term?

Adam Gregory Goern coined the term “New Milk Road.”

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