The New Milk Road to Tasmania

Why It Is Important To You Too.

Story legend from the 5th century AD is two monks from the Byzantine empire went on a mission to steal a secret kept in China for more than 1,000 years.

How was silk made?

Outside of China, no one knew it was spun by silk worms. The monks smuggled live silkworm eggs out of China, hidden inside their bamboo walking sticks.

Today we call that intellectual property theft. It may rank as one of the biggest heists in human history.

What happened after the silk worm theft?

That part of the economy in China was destroyed.

The second part of this story answers this question:

When did the Silk Road get its famous name?

It took another 1,300 years after the theft of the silk worms. In 1877 that German geographer and traveller Ferdinand von Richtofen finally coined the terms “The Silk Road” as ‘Seidenstrasse’ (silk road).


The Silk Road is a metaphorical name for a valuable route of trade, culture & investment inspired by an iconic consumer product that makes it easier to create & narrate memorable stories

What are our three most important lessons in this story?

If these original silk producers & industry stakeholders in ancient China had been thinking differently before the monks arrived then history may have turned out differently.

Without a name our trade route with Asia, we leave ourselves — as business people — in the same kind of risky position as our old friends on the wrong side of this old Silk Road story.

This story shows us why our trade route with Asia needs a name.

milk road

Alt Investment Theme

My business partners and I use this phrase so that it’s easier for us to think and discuss the change that our trade route with Asia creates.

This makes it easier for our business to adapt with this change.

We believe this speed of change will increase because of Australia’s time-zone aligned proximity to more than half of the world’s population.

5G technology will increase the speed of this change.

This is why the New Milk Road is also the name of our Investment Theme.

The New Milk Road Investment Theme is an economic theory that consumers already rely on Australia for what they are missing in Asia, where:

More People Live Inside This Circle Than Outside


Many want access to World-Class Food, Healthcare, Education & Tourism, starting with milk powder.

This is why people in every jurisdiction in Asia have naturally already built and want to expand their New Milk Roads to Australia.

New Milk Roads help build World-Class Food Systems in Asia


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Milk Road Investor Story

My first New Milk Road theme investment is in a private food company that you can read about here:

Miso Brand Owner in Tasmania Seeks Market Access Partners - storyID 4121

One way my company helps this company grow is by introducing them to like-minded potential co-investors who can provide safe passages of trade to different jurisdictions in Asia.

One of these New Milk Road Partners is described here:

Private Equity Fund in Australian Health Sector Seeks Tasmania Opportunity – storyID 5030

"Introduce every private Tasmanian Food Brand owner who wants to meet this potential new Milk Road partner is one of my natural goals."

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Friends of the New Milk Road believe that Australia has a special role to play helping build world-class food systems in Asia.

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I am organizing & delivering a series of workshops in Tasmania.

Digital Strategy for Private Tasmanian Food Brand Owners to Search & Find New Partners Starting with an Online Story

Attendees will learn to start executing a simple strategy to search, find, make and receive offers of introduction to potential new like-minded business partners.

If you would like to attend, learn more or collaborate to hold a workshop in your community then contact us directly.

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