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More People Live Inside than Outside of this Circle

It feels like an economic vacuum

and largest demand pool in human history.

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We are the people thinking in different new ways about how our Routes of Trade, Investment & Culture connect & dis-connect us.

We discuss & debate answers by trading stories online by asking questions like these:

#1 ) How do they work to feed, satisfy & manage this hunger?

#2 ) How should they work in the future compared to now & the past?

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Taihlaura Denman-Francis, a finalist for the Young Professional of the Year 2019 and 2021 at the Northern Tasmania Business Excellence Awards shares her valuable experience & perspective on storytelling.
Taihlaura of Kingthing in Launceston Talks Journey BrandingApril 13, 2022
We chatted with local Launceston brand strategist Taihlaura and explored the concept of 'Journey Branding' and how businesses can use this in their own marketing going forward.

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